GeoAmericas 2020 Organizing Committee

Dear Colleagues

In this unique moment of alertness and consternation and which has required extraordinary care from everyone, we at GeoAmericas 2020 Organizing Committee are concerned with establishing a procedure that would guarantee the safety of the participants and the realization of an event that can bring together the community of geosynthetics in an environment of confidence and enthusiasm.

After extensive evaluation and broad debate with IGS and representatives of the main supporters of the event, we decided to change the date of the conference to the period from 26 to 29 October 2020. Before making this decision, we made sure to comply with the operational procedures and verify all financial contingencies in order to guarantee a positive scenario for the conference.

We are convinced that this is the best option to preserve the well-being of all the participants and to ensure that the great objective of the event is achieved: a wide meeting in the Americas with the entire technical community and the geosynthetics industry.

We will meet then in October in the Marvelous City, Rio de Janeiro, same venue, same structure, same schedule (with some additions to be announced in the future). With the postponement, we will extend some important deadlines and the new calendar will be published soon.

We hope that you can understand and share with us this decision and we regret any inconvenience that this imperative date change may present you.

More than ever, we hope to count on your participation to enhance GeoAmericas 2020. At this point, be sure that everything is already set up to make the conference a memorable one. We will now show the strength of our community and celebrate the overcoming of this adversity in October in Rio de Janeiro. We are looking forward to seeing you there.
We are available for any clarification.


Organizing Committee
GeoAmericas 2020